3 Ways To Tell if You Need A/C Repairs or Replacement

As a homeowner, you want to make good choices. It can feel overwhelming trying to make decisions that will impact both your household and your bank account.

The last thing you want is to make what could be deemed a poor choice and end up trying to live it down, and pay it off, for the next few years. So, it's no wonder trying to choose between repairing your air conditioning or opting for A/C replacement becomes a pretty big deal.

It all begins with the air conditioning company you partner with and just how honest and reputable they are. Don't settle for inferior contractor service or you're likely to be paying for that mistake, for years to come.

Making a Choice That Will Benefit Your Home

Basically, it comes down to the question - do you need HVAC replacement or just repairs? Most people assume it's up to the professional but you, as the consumer and home or business owner, ultimately have the final verdict.

  • Make sure you know the current age of your system. If the projected lifespan of your system is 12 years, for example, and you've had the system for a decade already, it may make more sense to opt for replacement over repairs. Is there much sense investing time, effort, and money into an older system that's about to be replaced anyway.
  • It's not just about the cost of the repairs, it's the expense versus the current value of your heating and cooling system. So $200 in repairs is manageable. However, $200 when your outdated HVAC is only worth $300 just doesn't make sense. At that point, just take the money you'd spend on fixing it and invest in replacing it. As a general rule, when the repairs cost more than 50% of the current value, spend it on replacement instead.

For more helpful advice or to schedule important service, contact the Indoor Climate Control team. We're a local leading Santa Rosa air conditioning company and you can call us now to get the expert service you need.

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